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November 2015, Winter is here!

Well, Winter is well and truly here, the shorts are back in the cupboard and the wetsuit gloves are on! These water buckets are getting colder by the day. A somewhat unsettled month at Sapphire which is the norm for this time of year due to the weather, Lots of jiggling about of the diary to make sure i fit everyone in around El Nino! November started off with a few BMW M4's, My favourite! Both of which have been previously protected so are still in fantastic condition. Also a re visit to the wonderfull Alfa Romeo 8C, 1 of only 500 ever made, So im lucky to ever set eyes on one and even luckier to look after it! The car was fully machine polished to remove some very minor swirling earlier this year by myself. Just a maintenance detail this time in readiness for the cars and coffee morning Cylinder Club meet at the end of this month. If you are'nt sure of these cars, I urge you to watch a video of the engine sounds on these, The 4.8 litre Ferrari engine sounds incredible, That couple with wall to wall carbon, An amazing car and instant classic!

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